First Friday Cocktail Roundtable

Friday, February 5th 6:00 pm

At Vidrio, we know the art of cocktail-mixing.

Understanding the alchemy of how each simple to complex ingredient works together from the flavors to the aromas. Our First Friday Cocktail Roundtable Series brings together top bartenders in the region that truly understand the craft, to compete in mixing innovative, one-off cocktails using top-tier spirits.

Vidrio First Friday Cocktail Roundtable

Vidrio First Friday Cocktail Roundtable

First Friday Libations

Join us every first Friday of the month to experience the sights, smells, and flavors of the world’s best spirits, craft cocktails and vote for your favorite to move to our finale, and featured as Cocktail of the Year!

It will be a Spirited Room at Vidrio, every first Friday from 6 to 10pm as we welcome guest bartenders from the Triangle and beyond to join us in this friendly competition.

Series Schedule:

Friday, February 7th

Vidrio Bartender: Matt Gloth

Guest Bartender: Amanda Sites of Stir

Friday, March 6th

Vidrio Bartender: Alex Bridges

Guest Bartender: Executive Chef Andres Kaifer – A Vidrio Culinary Mash Up

Friday, April 3rd

Vidrio Bartender: Taylor Martinez

Guest Bartender: Zach Thomas of Killjoy

Friday, May 1st

Vidrio Bartender: Ian Skinner

Guest Bartender: Ed Cestari of Taverna Agora

Friday, June 5th

Vidrio Bartender: Jeremy Fernandes

Guest Bartender: Brittany of Fin & Fino, Charlotte, NC

Friday, July 3rd

Vidrio Bartender: Natalie Cox

Guest Bartender: Greg of Jolie

Friday, August 7th

Vidrio Bartender: Alex Bridges

Guest Bartender: Barcelona Wine Bar