Vidrio | Fresh & Seasonal Chef-Inspired Plates - Raleigh, NC

Welcome to Vidrio

Vidrio is a colorful window into the flavors and soul of the Mediterranean kitchen. A creative expression of the passion, people, and lifestyle that have embodied a timeless culture.


An evening with us is an evening to savor, slowly. The dinner table is where we reconnect after a long day apart. A place to gather together and truly unwind over artfully crafted cocktails, bold wines, and plates made to share.


Our menu is an ode to traditional Mediterranean dining, with both imported specialties and local, honest ingredients that embody our passion for earth, flavor, and wine.




In appreciation of the beauty and bounty of the earth, our dishes feature truthful foods as they are meant to be. Every texture and item in our space is a nod to our natural elements.


Every ingredient has a distinct character. And just as it takes time to grow or nurture these ingredients, we take our time in preparing each dish to cultivate bold flavors. We encourage our guests to explore new tastes and take the time to truly enjoy one another.


In our hearts, it is not a real meal without wine. Vidrio is proud to serve 48 wines on tap in addition to a robust collection of domestic and international bottles.

Make room at the table to savor every sip, every bite,
every moment together.