Triangle Restaurant Week

5:00 pm, Sunday January 26th, 2020

Something to Add to Your 2020 Calendars

New Year’s resolutions, and 2020 planning is underway. Here is an event to mark on your calendars now, so you don’t miss a thing come January 2020 – Triangle Restaurant Weeks! A week-long foodie adventure, starting January 20 through January 26th.

A Reason to Explore Our Menu

Vidrio’s Executive Chef, Andres Kaifer, has put together a savory menu of our favorite dishes, where you can pick three choices for $30 per person. All the reason to explore new flavors, and share among friends.

And if you’re planning on joining us with a group of friends, and just interested in an item on the Dinner menu, don’t fret, it will also be available.

Please call for reservations, or click below:

Triangle Restaurant Week Menu

Available Monday, January 20 through Sunday, January 26 

$30 // Per Person

Choose One

Green Chickpea Hummus / Harissa Spread (together)

aleppo pepper, olive oil  / chili peppers, roasted tomato

Moroccan Beef Skewers

harissa Greek yogurt

Local Lettuces

cucumber, radish, lemon-coriander vinaigrette, ricotta salata

Artisanal Cheeses

Seasonal jam

Charcuterie Plate

mostarda, cornichon

Choose One

Cauliflower Cacio e Pepe

Parmesan, breadcrumbs, black pepper

Charred Broccolini

romesco, Vrisi36 EVOO, puffed quinoa

Chestnut Gnocchi

local squash, Swiss chard, ricotta salata

Sixty South Salmon

Peppadew beurre blanc, Israeli couscous

Harris Strip Ranch

charred scallion, black garlic oil

Choose One

Chocolate Buttermilk Cake

cardamom syrup, “baklava” ice cream


hazel whip, dark chocolate crumble

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  • Mon, 1/20 5pm - 11pm

  • Tue, 1/21 5pm - 11pm

  • Wed, 1/22 5pm - 11pm

  • Thu, 1/23 5pm - 11pm

  • Fri, 1/24 5pm - 11pm

  • Sat, 1/25 5pm - 11pm

  • Sun, 1/26 5pm - 11pm