Taste Tour of the Mediterranean - Egypt

6:30 pm, Thursday May 26th, 2022

Taste Tour of the Mediterranean:

A Culinary Tour led by Executive Chef Saif Rahman

Destination: EGYpt

This is the third of our “Taste Tour of the Mediterranean” monthly dinner series. This months’ destination: Egypt

Join us and immerse yourself in an exclusive multi-course cultural dinner experience, filled with authentic and elevated Egyptian cuisine hosted by NC Chef of the Year Saif Rahman.

Chef Saif will showcase the rustic cooking he is known for, use of simple ingredients, and cooking techniques to pronounce those flavors. Guests can expect to savor dishes that are inspired by the Ancient Egyptian Nile Valley and Delta.


More about Executive Chef Saif Rahaman

Saif Rahman

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Saif Rahman, Vidrio’s Executive Chef, will be bringing his sophistication and his knowledge of local ingredients to the table. Saif is also NCRLA’s recent winner of the title of NCRLA Chef of the Year.

Saif Rahman brings a passion and artistry to cooking techniques, plate presentations, and ideation. His understanding and experience in Mediterranean culture allow him to bring forth Mediterranean dishes that explode with flavors, using traditional cooking methods, and his passion for incorporating ingredients that are both local to North Carolina. Chef Rahman takes pride in working with local producers and farmers to incorporate ingredients to his dishes that are local to the area.

For Saif, cooking is not just a skill, but a true art form that he takes great pride in.

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