Wine on TAP?!

2:59 pm, Thursday June 22nd, 2017

Yes! That line up of shiny brass handles aren’t for beer at Vidrio! Our custom keg wine system boasts three beautiful benefits: Quality, Ecofriendly and Value!

The quality in preserving wine with a keg is unmatched in the wine world. The system provides the best technology for preservation since the wine is never exposed to air in the tapping or dispensing side. And we know the integrity of wine is everything – it has to be fresh. Gone are the open bottles left sitting open or stored incorrectly. This means, the perfect pour every time.

And since there are no bottles, this system is really GREEN and ecofriendly. Each keg holds about 26 bottles a piece. Imagine the number of bottles we would have without 48taps! Our Friends at Gotham Project (more on them in a sec) report over the keg’s lifetime it will eliminate the use of 3.000 bottles, closures/foils, and labels. Talk about a low environmental impact!

With so many options by the glass, this beauty is designed for exploring the richness and uniqueness of wines. Ever wanted to try a wine, but were afraid you might not like it, so you didn’t buy the bottle or the full glass? Go for the 3 ounce pour, or ask for a flight to compare the differences of your favorite varietal. Vidrio’s wine system is built for the better glass of wine.

The Offering

From the beginning, Lou had a vision for a next level wine program and worked tirelessly to bring his keg system vision to life. Keg systems are still a new idea, so researching and sourcing reputable, known brands that carry wines in a keg was a great adventure. We knew it could be done, and we found an amazing group of winemakers and distributors that have a passion for wine, and for kegs.

New Jersey-based Gotham Project became our new best friend and is spearheading a national supplier movement. Importing, kegging and game changing, the team at Gotham Project are leading innovators innovating the wine industry.

Free Flow is in California – Kegging great California wines.

There are new distributors embracing the keg-wine movement all the time, which means better wine for us to enjoy!

The Last Sip

Join us at Vidrio and taste your way through our 50 wines by the glass. Our knowledgeable bartenders can find you the perfect glass for your mood and your meal.  Enjoy the quality, and the freshness.