Wine Spectator Award

wine spectator award of excellence 2017

Wine Spectator Award

Vidrio is incredibly proud to announce we have won an Award of Excellence as part of the Wine Spectator Restaurant Awards. As a new restaurant which opened only six months ago, we are especially honored by this designation.

The Wine Spectator Restaurant Awards recognize restaurants whose wine lists offer interesting selections, are appropriate to their cuisine, and appeal to a wide range of wine lovers. Award of Excellence wine lists typically feature a well-chosen assortment of quality producers, along with a thematic match to the menu in both price and style. Whether compact or extensive, focused or diverse, these lists deliver sufficient choice to satisfy discerning wine lovers.

The well-rounded aspect of Vidrio’s wine list is what sets it apart from others. While we offer a selection of high-end cult wines from the world’s most impressive regions, we also provide numerous varieties that combine both high quality and value for our guests. We can wow you with bottles that taste like they cost $200 but for about three-fourths of the price, and that is very exciting for us.

Vidrio has a state-of-the-art tap system that offers 48 wines that are well-aged and served at the perfect temperature every time. There is also a 3-ounce option for those who want to taste the world. Whether you’re dining with us or you just want to sit at the bar and sip on a glass, we are confident our wine list has something that will suit your palate and wallet.