First Friday Cocktail Roundtable

Event Ended: Friday July 5th, 2019

Keep Those Festivities Going

Continue your July 4th festivities with us on Friday, July 5th for our First Friday Cocktail Roundtable. Our year-long cocktail competition featuring high end spirits and some of the best bartenders in the region. Have’t been to our event before? We’ll get ready for some tasty and creative cocktails, that can be found no where else.

A First Friday Event

Each first Friday of the month, we bring in a guest bartender who competes with a member of Vidrio’s beverage team on crafting an innovative cocktail using a specific spirit. With complete creativity over the concoction, these cocktails are sure to impress.

Our July 5th Event

Our next Spirit Filled Room Cocktail Roundtable will be on Friday, July 5th. We’ll have visiting bartender, Sarah Oliver from C.Grace, SideBar and Empress Room joining us behind the bar, along with Vidrio’s bartender, Taylor Martinez. Spirit of choice: Lunazul Tequila.

Taylor Martinez Vidrio Bartender
Taylor Martinez Vidrio Bartender

Meet Taylor

Taylor has worked in various aspects of the service industry which has led her to her passion of bartending. “My path truly ramped up while I was a server at a fine dining restaurant, learning about wines at Trattoria al Giardino.” In order to pursue her passion and expand her bartending experience, she moved to the heart of Dallas and began her bartending career at Public School 214. Her focus at Public School 214, was the craft of beer and spirits. Having lived in Dallas for the majority of her life, Taylor wanted to experience a change so packed up and moved to the East Coast, Raleigh NC, where she joined the beverage team at Vidrio.

“Bartending for me is another form of freedom where you can really get to know your guests and find the kind of flavors and spirits they will like. It’s like being a chemist and concocting something unique that you hope others will find equally intriguing. Every palette is different so each day there are new experiments to test.”

Sarah Oliver C.Grace
Sarah Oliver C.Grace

Meet Sarah

Sarah is relative newbie to the world of hospitality but she’s wasted no time soaking up as much as possible. It’s no wonder she fell in love after learning from one of our favorite neighbors down the street at C. Grace. Sarah thrives off of the connections she is able to forge with guests whether they are walking in the door for the first time or long-time regulars. Sarah prides herself on creating a comfortable open environment and introducing people to familiar flavor combinations in unexpected ways. Come see what she is mixing up for us.

Our Downtown Neighbors Participating in First Friday

There are tons of businesses and galleries participating in First Friday tonight. Check out some of our favorite partnering locations for First Friday exhibits and events!


Tonight, Bishops will be featuring local artist, Sophia Lemieux

Sophia is a Raleigh artist and resident. Taking the fateful leap to dedicate herself to art might have been the most difficult and courageous thing she has ever carried out. Reopening the doors to her creativity inspired her to construct pieces that incite emotion in others and challenge the mind’s limits. Perhaps eventually she will adapt a hybrid of realism and abstract but for now she likes to keep them separate as they invoke very different elements of her personality. The detail and precision that is required in realism brings out the ambitious perfectionist, yet abstract exposes her free spirited and adventurous qualities. That being said, she aims for all of her pieces to maintain a sense of elegance and purposeful structure but to also probe the mind and emit creativity and playfulness.

City of Raleigh Museum

For more than 200 years, North Carolina’s capital city had no repository for its historical artifacts, no place to preserve its past, and no institution to educate its citizens and visitors. That all changed in 1993 when the COR Museum (formerly Raleigh City Museum) debuted its first exhibit.

The COR Museum grew out of the dream of local historian Beth Crabtree, and after Beth’s death, the vision and perseverance of Mary Cates, and countless dedicated volunteers. The museum operated as a nonprofit until July 2012, when the City of Raleigh assumed operational control. While the City remains in charge of the museum, it is also supported by the nonprofit Friends of the COR Museum.

As part of its mission to “Preserve Raleigh’s Past for the Future,” the museum collects and cares for artifacts, curates exhibits, and provides educational programming that all highlight and interpret Raleigh’s history and heritage.

The COR Museum is an integral part of the community for the services it provides to the general public. As the state capital and as its own municipality, Raleigh has a unique history that is worth recognizing and sharing.

Check out current exhibits at CORM: Current Exhibits

Learn More at the City of Raleigh Museum Website


“Color My World”
Exhibiting Artist: Chantal Tomiello
Exhibit: July  5 – 27

Learn More on the Local Color Gallery Website

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