2020 Cocktail Roundtable Kick Off

Event Ended: Friday February 7th, 2020

Kick off to our 2020 Cocktail Roundtable Series

Friday, February 7th will be the kick off event to our First Friday Cocktail Roundtable series for 2020. 2019 brought some of the best bartenders together from the Raleigh-Durham area, with drool-worthy cocktails, we are still thinking about. We plan to make 2020 even better and will be kicking off the first event on Friday, February 7th with Amanda Sites from Stir.

Meet us in the bar

Join us in our downstairs bar starting at 6pm on Friday to taste some innovative craft cocktails, featuring Larceny Bourbon.

Featured Bartenders

Meet Matt Gloth

Matt, a New Jersey native, moved to Raleigh three years ago with his wife, Keri and their two dogs. After leaving the corporate world behind, he returned to the service industry working as a full time bartender in Raleigh’s growing food and beverage scene. His passion for quality service and products is clear through the work he does at Vidrio. When he’s not crafting cocktails for the masses on Glenwood South, he enjoys being outdoors with his family, staying active, traveling, and continuing to explore and experience the endless restaurants and bars that Raleigh has to offer.

Matt Gloth Vidrio Bartender
Matt Gloth, Vidrio

Meet Amanda Sites

Originating on the West Coast, Amanda started her bartending career 10 years ago. She has developed a passion and love for the art of crafting cocktails and brewing beer. Amanda, took some time off four years ago from bartending and took to the skies to pursue her love of traveling, becoming a flight attendant. In her spare time, between bartending and pursuing studies, she takes time to spend outdoor, running, kayaking, and spending time with her pups.

Amanda Sites, Stir
Amanda Sites, Stir