Final 2019 Cocktail Roundtable

Event Ended: Friday November 1st, 2019

22 Amazing Cocktails Later

November 1st will bring us into our last cocktail roundtable of 2019. But don’t fret, our series finale will be held in January 2020, bringing back the top bartenders for a final face off! Stay tuned for more details on that upcoming event. In the meantime, make your plans now to drag your friends out and join us for some tasty cocktails and a lot of fun Friday night.

The Vidrio Challenge

First Friday is almost here, and will bring two of Vidrio’s top bartenders to compete in crafting a delicious beverage made with Evan Williams Single Bourbon. So you bourbon lovers, don’t want to miss this event.

Meet Taylor

Taylor Martinez
Taylor Martinez

Taylor has worked in various aspects of the service industry which has led her to her passion of bartending. “My path truly ramped up while I was a server at a fine dining restaurant, learning about wines at Trattoria al Giardino.” In order to pursue her passion and expand her bartending experience, she moved to the heart of Dallas and began her bartending career at Public School 214. Her focus at Public School 214, was the craft of beer and spirits. Having lived in Dallas for the majority of her life, Taylor wanted to experience a change so packed up and moved to the East Coast, Raleigh NC, where she joined the beverage team at Vidrio.

“Bartending for me is another form of freedom where you can really get to know your guests and find the kind of flavors and spirits they will like. It’s like being a chemist and concocting something unique that you hope others will find equally intriguing. Every palette is different so each day there are new experiments to test.”

Meet Alex

Alex Bridges First Friday Cocktail Roundtable
Alex Bridges

Alex is a veteran Vidrio staff member. Starting with LM Restaurants and Vidrio when we opened back in January 2017, and hasn’t left since. Since his tenure with Vidrio, he has taken on the role of overseeing Vidrio’s wine program, which includes selection across over 300 bottles of wine, and 48 wines on tap, our craft cocktails which change seasonally, and full beverage program. He’s here, EVERY NIGHT, and not only comes up with the cocktails on Vidrio’s bar menu, but is the brains behind our recipes across several of our family restaurants covering Raleigh, Wilmington and Pompano Beach, Florida concepts.

His creativity and passion for understanding the chemistry behind the ingredients and how the flavors and aromas pair well with each other, makes him a prodigy the bar. Need a whiskey drink, he’s got it. Have an off the wall themed party concept? Tons of ideas to go around. Tropical Beachy drink? Got that too. Let’s see what’s up his sleeve tonight.