Vidrio's Cocktail Roundtable

Event Ended: Friday October 4th, 2019

If there is ever a time for cocktails, it’s First Friday

Our cocktail roundtable continues on Friday, October 4th with a stellar crew of mixologists joining behind the bar to battle it out for votes of the evening’s best cocktail. But don’t worry, this is always a friendly competition, with lots of energy and fun to go around.

October 4th brings us back to Matt Gloth from the Vidrio beverage team (if you didn’t join us when he participated a few months ago, and made the most refreshing and delicious grapefruit, and jungle inspired cocktail), and Richie Cook, a Professional private event bartender and founder of a charity event, “Equal Parts.”

Meet Matt

Matt Gloth
Matt Gloth

You just may have actually already met him when stopping in for a drink. Matt truly has a taste for creative craft cocktails, and with his New Jersey charm, he’ll certainly make you want to stick around for a second drink. In fact, Matt left the corporate world behind to return to the service industry to work in Raleigh’s growing food and beverage scene. Staying true to his passion for quality ingredients and top-notch service, he uses only the best quality ingredients behind the bar, but also when he is out exploring the endless restaurants and bars that Raleigh has to offer. When he’s not crafting cocktails for the masses on Glenwood South, he enjoys being outdoors with his wife and two pups, staying active, and traveling. Come check out our First Friday Cocktail Roundtable and see what Matt has crafted for the night.

Meet Richie

Richie Cook
Richie Cook

Having worked in the service industry for 10 years, Richie has has quite the experience working at some of the top restaurants and bars in Raleigh. Some establishments include Ashley Christensen’s Death and Taxes, Fox Liquor Bar, Dram & Draught, and Gallo Pelón. Learning about spirits and cocktails has become a passion of his, and researching how they have changed over time is something he does regularly.

Richie mostly mixes in private events, and also spends a significant amount of time organizing a quarterly benefit event for Planned Parenthood called “Equal Parts.” The event is a pop up that happens at a different bar each quarter where local bartenders and Richie take over for an evening with a cocktail menu specifically crafted for that event. Proceeds from all sales that evening are then donated to the cause. Equal Parts has been going strong for 2 years now and continues to make an impact in the community.