A Dream Realized

2:06 pm, Wednesday January 25th, 2017

Vidrio has been our family’s dream on a napkin for over 8 years, and I am excited to finally share a glimpse into the Mediterranean culture with Raleigh in the coming weeks.

I grew up spending summers in my father’s small, agricultural village of Glykovrisi in Southern Greece. His village is like taking a step back in time- no stoplights, everyone knows everyone, and oftentimes we would lose water for long stretches of time. Thank goodness mom was a Girl Scout and we always had some spare bottles that we had filled under the counter!

The village has grown over time and we no longer lose water, but one thing remains the same- it is always a whirlwind of visiting and catching up with family & friends; these moments of course always happen over food, and lots of it! My aunts are some of the most amazing cooks on the planet and I swear that it is because they cook from the heart; their secret ingredient is the love they have for nourishing others.

The table is always filled with slow roasted meats, fish, the freshest fruits and vegetables, and most importantly, with family and great friends. This sharing style of dining is the cornerstone of not just Greek dining, but cultures around the entire Mediterranean basin. Mealtime is meant to be a time to share, laugh, and reconnect with others.

Bringing this experience to Raleigh is our family’s vision behind Vidrio. A menu driven by fresh, seasonal ingredients, a dynamic wine program, (because no Mediterranean meal is ever complete without wine!), and a philosophy to allow guests to savor the dining experience.

While the interior of Vidrio is far from the rustic village of Glykovrisi, it does capture the vibrancy and colorful culture of the Mediterranean basin. It was important for us to feel European in our approach, so we worked with a longtime family friend, Giorgios Bakatsias, a James Beard semi-finalist chef and restaurateur. His local restaurants always capture an excitement in the interior design matched by a craveable menu. Giorgios introduced us to Theodore Kondylis, architect-designer, and the ARCHE design team who has done unique international projects. These two incredible ‘thought architects’ helped to make our vision of a vibrant, modern Mediterranean concept come alive.

There are many textures, visual layers, and areas to Vidrio that I marvel at how different my experience is each time I am there. Every element, every ingredient, and every detail is considered and waiting to be discovered.

I am proud to be a part of the team that is bringing this concept to life in Raleigh. I have watched Raleigh grow over the last 20+ years and I am thrilled that we are on the brink of the world recognizing how great the food scene is here. Zagat recently ranked Raleigh #19 out of 26 Hottest Food Cities of 2016. Our family is honored to be a part of a thriving community and we look forward to sharing our Mediterranean roots with you.